[mailhist-discuss] First email attachment?

Dave Crocker dcrocker at bbiw.net
Sat Mar 11 12:01:15 PST 2017



MIME standardized attachments for Internet Mail, but my recollection is 
that the construct of an attachment(*) existed before MIME.  I believe 
various 'department' or 'enterprise' proprietary systems had them, in 
the 1980s.

Anyone care to offer citations for first support of the construct?


ps. From the start of Arpanet mail -- at least with Tenex sndmsg -- it 
was possible to incorporate the contents of a file into the body of the 
message, but the result was an indifferentiated body.  So it doesn't 
count as an 'attachment' construct.  Closer to the point is the early 
convention of uuencoding content -- essentially a manual step into and 
out of the body -- since that was distinguished; but I'm not sure it 
should be classed as 'attachment' in the sense we normally mean.
Dave Crocker
Brandenburg InternetWorking

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