[mailhist-discuss] Beginning to record the timeline: a very rough draft

Dave Crocker dhc at dcrocker.net
Thu May 10 13:37:40 PDT 2012



I've drafted an initial version of the timeline, based on everyone's
comments to the list.  (Sorry for the long lag time.)

It is at:


Here's the intro at it's top.  Please note the request at the end of the 
second paragraph:

> Email Milestones Timeline
> EmailHistory.org (dcrocker, ed.)
> 5/10/2012 1:10 PM / DRAFT
> This list is a developing record of major achievements in the history
> of electronic mail. It is being produced through open discussions at
> emailhistory.org. Major milestones are of many types, ranging from
> basic functionality to operational enhancement. Anything that the
> might have been noteworthy breakthrough is a candidate for inclusion.
> Community rough consensus will be the arbiter.
> As editor, I have taken the liberty of guessing at some of data. If
> there's a question mark, it means I'm not even close to sure that the
> guess is right. Even without a question mark, the list is certain to
> have errors and omissions. The goal, now, is for brainstorming,
> research and discussion. Do post comments, corrections and additions
> to the mailing list. Please be gentle.
> I've added the 'type' column to distinguish among categories of
> milestones. There is not (yet) consensus to include this column of
> information in the timeline, but I took editor's prerogative for the
> current version. I believe it aids in dealing with scaling; There are
> many milestones and being able to look at subsets within categories
> is likely to make discussion more tractable and it is certain to make
> reading more tractable for those being introduced to the timeline
> (when presented as a layered timeline.)
> So:
> Distinguish: UA vs. MTA vs. Systems architecture vs, ? Distinguish:
> Invention vs. Commercialization vs. Standardization ("invention"
> means first demonstration or documentation)

  Dave Crocker
  Brandenburg InternetWorking

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