[mailhist-discuss] Ayyadurai on Emily Rooney's WGBH show

Suzanne Johnson fuhn at pobox.com
Wed Jun 6 09:44:49 PDT 2012

>Ayyadurai has persuaded another WGBH journalist that he invented 
>email and "holds the copyright on it." Emily Rooney, 5/17/2012, 
>"Conquering Digital Clutter."

Does anyone recall for which  computer Ayyadurai coded his 
copyrighted material?

DCRT/NIH was distributing a Tops-10 (not Tenex) email system in the 
mid-late 70s.  I believe it was developed at NIH for use on their 
Tops-10 system that was not connected to the Arpanet at that time.

Intel obtained a copy of the distribution tape in early 1978.  It 
installed easily and was very stable on our  standard Tops-10 systems.

I can not find reference to this software in online DCRT/NIH 
histories, but I absolutely know it existed and was distributed to 
anyone who requested it.

I do wonder whether the Medical/Dental college at which  Ayyadurai 
did his work might have had any NIH grants, or perhaps had access to 
the DCRT computer.

Also, BBN-Prophet was established and operational from the late 
60'w/early 70s.  I'm quite sure it had email functionality.  Users 
were MDs and scientists working on aspects of drug trials.  Same 
question here as to whether there were Prophet users at  school where 
Ayyadurai did his email work.

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