[mailhist-discuss] first threading?

Craig Partridge craig at aland.bbn.com
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Hi Dave:

Interesting question -- might the ability to display email on a particular
topic apply?  That is, a rudimentary search for "threading" would display
your original note and replies such as this one.   If so, then I think
HERMES and MH might have been first, as they both placed some emphasis on

In this context, threading is simply smart searching.



> Folks,
> Vittal's MSG program was first to create a reply (answer) command.  This 
> permitted easy interaction for a conversation.
> On the receiver's side, I believe that MUA threading made it possible to 
> review extended conversations with fundamentally more ease than 
> previously.  Today we take it for granted, but working through multiple 
> conversations over time, even with automatic filing into separate 
> folders, was a challenge.  IMO, threading largely fixed that.
> The later construct of "conversation" might also be notable, but I'm 
> personally less impressed with it as a paradigmatic enhancement.
> We should try to find the first support for a 'thread' construct. Any 
> suggestions?  Any documentation?
> If there is consensus to also list the 'conversations' construct, please 
> make the case for it.
> d/
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