[mailhist-discuss] first threading?

Dave Crocker dcrocker at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 05:37:53 PDT 2012


Vittal's MSG program was first to create a reply (answer) command.  This 
permitted easy interaction for a conversation.

On the receiver's side, I believe that MUA threading made it possible to 
review extended conversations with fundamentally more ease than 
previously.  Today we take it for granted, but working through multiple 
conversations over time, even with automatic filing into separate 
folders, was a challenge.  IMO, threading largely fixed that.

The later construct of "conversation" might also be notable, but I'm 
personally less impressed with it as a paradigmatic enhancement.

We should try to find the first support for a 'thread' construct. Any 
suggestions?  Any documentation?

If there is consensus to also list the 'conversations' construct, please 
make the case for it.

  Dave Crocker

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