[mailhist-discuss] InfoMail (1981)

Suzanne Johnson fuhn at pobox.com
Sat Jul 14 10:44:00 PDT 2012

The folks at BBN Information Management Corp. announced InfoMail in 
1981 at NCC, Chicago.

I have a preliminary flyer that describes it as "Information 
Management plus Electronic Mail".

At that time  (April 1981), InfoMail was available for DEC VAX 
computers, but at the the NCC that year they  were going to announce :

o   An InfoMail package for any IBM system running VM/CMS
o  a turnkey InfoMail system based on the C Machine, the C/70 
minicomputer from BBN Computer Corporation.

There is the promise that other InfoMail products, including IBM MVS 
would soon follow.

The flyer states that  InfoMail provided:

o  Simple electronic messaging (InfoMail even correctsd your typos!)
o  Your own general-purpose electronic documents, files and forms.
o  Your choice among several popular computers and operating systems, 
and almost any common terminal.
o  Communications between your InfoMail systems.

I'm hoping that BBN has some history stored somewhere on this. 
Also, since BBN built early networks for CitiBank, Weyerhauser and 
possibly others, I'm wondering if MAIL was a component of those 


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