[mailhist-discuss] TELEMAIL Electronic Mail Service (11/77 article)

Suzanne Johnson fuhn at pobox.com
Sat Jul 14 09:59:23 PDT 2012

I've come across a page from the "Stanford Campus  Computing 
Bulletin" dated 11/77.

It contains an article on "a unique computing resource available on 
EDUNET:  the TELEMAIL electronic mail system developed by the 
University of Wisconsin's Madison Academic Computing Center (MACC)."

The article contains two examples from the MACC  News about how 
TELEMAIL might be used.  It also notes that messages may be sent to 
more than one person.  A charge of $8-$10 per hour for the service is 
cited, and claims that is more economical "than comparable message 
services on other national networks."  Stanford Campus Facility users 
are urged to contact their local EDUNET Liaison if they are 
interested in using the service.

Now to find info on those  other national network services.

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