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What's also interesting is the list of email systems listed in RFC808 
from 1979.

              First Preliminary List of ARPANET Mail Systems

       by Dave Farber

    Mail System         Authors          Machines

    SNDMSG              Antiquity        Tenex, TOPS-20
    READMAIL            Antiquity        TEXEX, TOPS-20
    RD                  Larry Roberts    TENEX, TOPS-20
    MSG                 Vittal           TENEX (18 SITES)
    HERMES              BBN              TENEX (14 SITES)
    HG                  Calvin
    MAIL                Werme            TOPS-10 on KA and KL10 CMU
    RDMAIL              Karlton          TOPS-10 on KA and KL10 CMU
    COMSAT              KLH              MIT-MC,-AI,-ML
    MAIL/QMAIL (1)      KLH              MIT-MC,-AI,-ML
    BABYL               EAK              MIT-MC,-AI,-ML
    FTPS (2)            KLH              MIT-MC,-AI,-ML
    SIGMA               ISI              Dedicated TENEX
    MAILSTAT (3)        BBN              TENEX, TOPS-20
    FTP (2)             BBN              TENEX, TOPS-20
    MAILER (3)          BBN              TENEX, TOPS-20
    MM                  MMcM at AI          SRI-KL
    BANANARD            Yonke            TENEX
    MSG Version 1       UCB - RAND       PDP 11 UNIX
    SNDMSG (UNIX)       UCB - RAND       PDP 11 UNIX
    MS                  D. Crocker       PDP 11 UNIX
    MSG Version 2       D. Crocker       PDP 11 UNIX
    MH                  Borden           RAND-UNIX
    Read-mail (1)       Palter & Sibert  Multics all
    print-mail          Palter & Sibert  Multics all
    send-mail           Palter & Sibert  Multics all
    MSGH                Ness at Wharton  Wharton 10
    Wharton Mail System Ness at Wharton  Wharton 10
    SWAMP               Guyton           IBM 370 Wilber
    MSG                 Antiquity        HARVARD and RUTGERS 10
    MAIL (1)            Harvey           SU-AI-10
    RCV (Mail reader)   Harvey           SU-AI-10
    DMSG                (Private)        TENEX
    READMAIL                -            LL IBM VM/370
    RD                  Haines           LL IBM VM/370
    $NETMAIL               ?             AMES-67

    (1)  mail sender
    (2)  FTP server
    (3)  service system

At 12:40 PM -0700 4/2/12, Suzanne Johnson wrote:
>Regarding  my reference to BANANARD.  I found my 1975 ARPANET Resorce
>Handbook.  It shows the following info for BANANARD:
>"Message Handling system that allows the user to read and organize
>his mail file.  Written by Marty Yonke."  Following are shown as
>using that software:
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