[mailhist-discuss] BANANARD

Craig Partridge craig at aland.bbn.com
Mon Apr 2 13:22:41 PDT 2012

> Regarding  my reference to BANANARD.  I found my 1975 ARPANET Resorce 
> Handbook.  It shows the following info for BANANARD:
> "Message Handling system that allows the user to read and organize 
> his mail file.  Written by Marty Yonke."  Following are shown as 
> using that software:
> UTAH-10

I'm guessing that list is missing some sites.  Yonke was at ISI, where
he wrote BANANARD in 1973.  So unless John Vittal's MSG drove out
BANANARD (possible, as Yonke stopped maintaining BANANARD in 1974 and
John took up the challenge of creating MSG about that time), I would
expect to see several ISI systems and probably some BBN systems (no
signs of a homegrown BBN email system until about 1975, when the MME
program came along).

Note, I wasn't there for any of this -- just reading the footnotes from
my attempt to write the history.



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